A first post

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Whenever I start something new I am absolutely immersed in the meta work the new thing implies. Not the actual work, but all the other small things that are needed before… anything is needed.

In this particular case I wanted to start writing something in another language. But that needed a place to live in. A website. And the mighty website needed to look in some way, to be powered by some technology, to also be a manifesto of the great mastermind behind the whole thing. And there I am reading about Amazon Web Services or Jekyll, looking at some other crap OpenGL experiment or evilly finding nitty-gritty bugs in some responsive Wordpress theme. Absolutely not doing the new thing, but some meta research instead.

I should try to stop that somehow. I am doing fine it seems, as I started to write some damn words in the end. Oh, and this is the first article on this new thing I want to start so yeah, send me your handwritten congratulations in Romania. Because that’s where I live, you know. I won’t explain where that is, probably the only ones who will read this are some friends I obliged to do so anyway.

I will try to do this hard work from time to time: heating this cold, dark place of the internet with something warm. Wait, wait, I’ll just try that now:

Programs must be written for people to read, and only incidentally for machines to execute

I failed, isn’t it? I’m terrible, I know. That’s just a quote from some random dudes that happen to write a book on the Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs. That quote is powerful, but maybe boring. There, take a nice song and do whatever you want with it. Do add wine.

P.S. I might need a name for this place, my name is enough for one single failed project. Ha, a joke!

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