Jami Gibbs

Hello! I'm Claudiu Constantin and I'm a software guy living in Romania. I help companies build better software and teams, while providing suitable technical solutions for the task at hand. I organize meetups, write blogs and take people to the mountains.

Latest Work

We work remotely in Romania

Remote work is changing the way people are creating value for others and for themselves. Whether from home, a coworking space or your favourite coffee shop, the quality of your work should speak instead of the 9-to-5 presence in a traditional office. In 2018 I founded a Meetup group where I organize regular talks on distributed work and working remotely in Romania


I currently work with Sustainalytics, an independent ESG research firm, where I am leading a team of 5 on our way to deliver quality software that meet the deadlines. I provide technical suggestions and do pair programming where necessary, while recommending better practices through code reviews and regular tech talks. It is among my responsibilities to make sure collaboration with various teams goes in a smooth way